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Android Apps can be easily decompiled owing to their structural characteristics.

Accordingly, Apkprotect that obfuscation tool are used as one of solutions to protect applications.

However, it's abused to protect malware recently. So, It is been hard to analyze and take action for malware.

To address this issue, anti-apkprotect Tools developed.

<Fig1. execute >

Anti-apkprotect finally support the APKProtect  professional ALL version!

<Fig2. >

Can see a file that when apply higher version than the lite version of APKProtect from malware.

<Fig3. Unpacked >

You can have it extract the executable APK from the original APK and then Extract classes.dex from the executable APK.

Finally, anti-apkprotect will generate a file named classes_unpack_dex2jar.jar in the working folder.

<Fig4. Deobfuscation >

It's separated "encrypted string : decrypted string"


2015-01-14 update:

support modify(?) apk protect!

<Fig5. extracted classes dex >

will generate files classes_unpack_dex2jar.jar and classes_unpack_main_dex2jar.jar.

actual code is embedded in a folder under assets. so we may need to see files that classes_unpack_main_dex2jar.

<Fig6. decode string >

more easily analysis !

2015-02-03 update:

support new  modify(?) apk protect! (added des algorithm) and bug fix

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